Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hello! From Kelsey

You may have noticed that someone else is answering your emails these days. That’s me!

So I thought I would take over the blog today and say hello! I’m Kelsey Smith, Rebekah’s daughter.

Many of you know me as a fraktur artist and, more recently, an embroiderer. My mother has shared my work with you before. But now we are teaming up in a bigger way. Technically my title is “Operations Manager” but I may also be referred to now and again as “Assistant Extraordinaire.”  When we tried to come up with a title, it was difficult. I am doing so many things for the business it is hard to pin down.

As part of my introduction to the inner workings of Rebekah L. Smith’s business, I thought I would share with you my job subtitles and what I have been working on: 

Graphic Designer: I lay out all of the individual patterns, make the lines smooth, and design the covers. Advertising, tags, business cards, logo—these are now all my job!

Online Sales: Customer service, wholesale and mailing are all part of my day. I get your orders processed, packed and shipped out as fast as I can.

Organization Strategist: This is one of my strengths, and I enjoy helping keep everything on track and recorded. Anything from files to pictures to processes, I love to strategize and organize!

Social Media Manager: While I have not completely taken over, I help Rebekah plan and post for Facebook, Instagram, and her blog.

Traveling Companion: I will be traveling with my mother to workshops, a job which can also be classified as “pack mule.” So I will be seeing more of your lovely faces!

Etc.: You know, all that other stuff. Tea-drinking, brainstorming, eating, laughing, coming up with ludicrous ideas, taking notes on the ludicrous ideas, planning to rule the world…etc.

If you have any questions in these areas for me, you can email me at workroom@rebekahlsmith.com 
I am excited about my new position here, and happy to help! 


  1. what a hoot! if you are planning world domination, I'm in- all kidding aside, I wish you the best

  2. Looks like you're the perfect daughter!! :-) Looking forward to hearing more from you! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  3. Always nice to see families working and playing together! Best of luck. ...jan

  4. Welcome, Kelsey. This post made my heart smile.