Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Leaf Season!

      Leaves! Have you ever really examined them? What is is about them that inspires such creativity?

A very stylized version of a leaf that lends itself well to folk art.
          Leaves are the one motif I stitch the most. This was not something I realized until recently when I was taking stock of my designs. It would seem that I have an affinity for these lovely, life-giving shapes fashioned by the hand of the Creator. Not only are they an essential part of a plant or tree in order to obtain nutrients, but in some cases the leaf outshines the flower or shape of the flora.

Oak leaves are a favorite of mine. It is amazing the variation of hues they come in.

      In my journeys into the woods and fields, I pick up lots of Fall leaves. It is a fun exercise to study their textures, colors, and of course their shapes. Like snowflakes, no two leaves seem to be the same even though they have grown on the same tree and even the same branch.

                        Well, the leaves are turning, blowing, and falling. Just right for picking!

Simple leaf design. Adding a layer of wool mimics color variations.

View out our front windows!