Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Projects for a New Year!

"Hello & Happy New Year to all of you!

   There is a lot happening in the Workroom this year, and I'll be on the road quite a bit hoping to meet some of you!

   One of the tasks I have given myself for this year, is to come up with an alternative project each month using the patterns from the book. These I will share with you monthly in this blog . It has turned out to be a great exercise for me as I continue to learn and develop my style.

   There will be more announcements throughout the year, and I will soon have my workshop schedule posted on my website.

January Wool Applique Reshaped Project:

Book: Wool Applique Folk Art
Project Pattern Pieces: "Shades of Earth"
                                 " Housing for Papers"

    These hurricane candle holders are wrapped in a wooly that is a reshaping of 2 of the projects in the book. By cutting the 2 different sized stars from "Shades of Earth" in half, it creates a snowflake effect. I also built the trees out of the leaves in "Housing for Papers". By placing the leaves downward it gives a coniferous look.

   The length of your wooly will depend upon the size of your candle holder. I purchased mine from Michaels and is approx. 19" around. To finish off the top, I simply trimmed the wool with heavy-duty pinking shears.

To attach the wooly to the glass holder, I just did a simple cross stitch down the back.