Thursday, February 27, 2014

State of Ohio

View of the Western Reserve of Ohio
This year marks a kind of milestone for me in that I have now lived in Ohio as long as the state I was born in, Pennsylvania. My family has very deep Pennsylvania-German roots, and I will always have a strong connection to my native state, however, on moving here twenty-one years ago, I felt instantly at home.

Free Wooly Pattern
Ohio has a very rich history, and with so many historic sites and museums there is always an interesting adventure to have. From Presidential homes to maritime museums there is much devoted to the forging of this state. Through extensive reading and by visiting certain historical sites, we can see the picture of the early tumultuous years when Ohio was the western frontier as part of the Northwest Territories.

State Bird of Ohio Wooly by Rebekah L. Smith
While I find the old towns and villages inspiring for my work, I cannot help but also be influenced by the extensive natural beauty of the state. We enjoy so many beautiful landscapes from the deep river valleys to the coast of our own Great Lake and rolling farmland in between.

I could go on and on as there is so much more to the State of Ohio. Today we celebrate Statehood Day with a commemorative ceremony at the Ohio Statehouse. March 1, 1803 has been declared the official first date of the State of Ohio. Visit the Ohio Historical Society's website to get all of the details, and so much more information on the history of Ohio.

Historic Zoar Ohio

Oh, by the way, we have a really cool Statehouse. I highly recommend a visit!