Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter's Contemplation

     Sitting here in my studio while the snow and winds swirl outside my window, I find my mind wandering from the task at hand. (Also, I am listening to some wonderful music selected for me by my daughter.) 2013 was a year full of new people, opportunities, places, and also a time to relish the “old”. For those who know me “old” is my thing.

Overmantel painted on a repurposed early door

       Part of the new for me this past year was an invitation to join the other amazing artisans at the folk art show in Lebanon, Ohio. My daughter and I went on what turned into an adventure in new friends, family, and an interesting journey home. We had a great time!

       From that show has come an opportunity to start a new venture with a new friend, and I will fill you in on this when the plans are all set. I will say that it is exciting and I am ready to venture here again.

       Part of the “old” but mostly new was an Open House at the Pine Cone Gift Shoppe & Interiors in Uniontown,Ohio. It is currently the only shop that I work with. I met some lovely people and had a wonderful time talking period interiors & folk art.
Thanks, Gary!

       My family and I had quite a few adventures this year outside of Ohio which is unusual for us. We tend to work on our giant restoration project instead.(That is definitely some serious "old") As the kids get older, though, we are feeling the need to do and see some of the things on our list. We headed to Eastern Pennsylvania, a place I spent a lot of time in my childhood, where we camped and did the “history” vacation. Among the many places we visited was my long-time dream of Winterthur. We were not disappointed! Words cannot begin to describe the incredible collections that are housed there. We could have spent a week there. My daughter and I went on the Pennsylvania-German folk art tour. I am not sure what the guide thought about our enthusiasm. We tried to keep it to a minimum.

Winterthur Museum 
Winterthur Interior
        Our last trip this past fall was to Waterford Virginia, where I took part for the first time in their artisan show. As I like to say, it was hotter than hot. We were told that summer came a bit late last year. However we had such a wonderful setting in that early town that time has passed by. We (my husband & youngest daughter) stayed in a cabin just outside of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia one of my favorite places! Again we met some great people and new clients.

Demonstrating at Waterford
Booth at Waterford
       Now to the last of what's new. It took me half the year to put it together, but I submitted a book proposal and it was accepted! I was approached by an Aquisitions Editor from C&T Publishing back in 2012 about doing a wool applique project book. Doing a book was in the back of my mind, but I hadn't considered just what it would be. So, I took the opportunity to give some serious thought as to what I would want to showcase in a book and designed all new projects. Putting together the proposal was a challenge and a lot of work and research. So, here I sit writing this post and watching the snow when I should be writing chapter 3.

          So, to everyone who made last year so memorable, thank you so much! I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me this year.


Hopewell Village in Pennsylvania