Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Wooly Weekend

 This weekend all came about, when Beth Anne Smiley, owner of Wheaten Woolens in Davenport Iowa, contacted me about holding a wool applique workshop at her rug hooking studio. I was excited about the prospect of taking my workshops on the road. For so many years I have been working in my studio and have stayed mainly close to home in Ohio with shows and workshops. It was time to take this on the road!

  My daughter Kelsey kindly agreed to accompany me on this adventure. She is a great traveling buddy and we always have a good time. She has been my apprentice since she was 14 years old and makes a great assistant as well. She is well-versed in what I do and can answer questions and take care of "the store".

 Just a note: Kelsey also takes all of the photos thus she is not in any of them. kasfrakturs.blogspot.com

    Wheaten Woolens is an oasis in the midst of a Davenport neighborhood. Beth Anne and her husband Barry have over two acres that lie six hundred feet above the Mississippi River. The stone house and barn are from the 1860's and true gems. We were so amazed to find their place surrounded by gardens, lots of trees, and hills that made it seem as if you were well out of the city and in the country.

    The wool studio, housed in the stone barn, is wonderful. Beth Anne has filled it with antiques, rugs, and tons of wool! For the classes each day, the ladies were working in the studio in this great setting. It was so inspiring and delightful to have the doors open to the gardens and be surrounded by so much talent and energy.

    The students came from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, & Texas. All of the ladies were so great to work with. They brought their enthusiasm and love of wool with them, and made the weekend so special!

    If you are ever in the Davenport area, you must look up Wheaten Woolens. Check the website for when the studio is open. Beth Anne also teaches rug hooking.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Inspirations

Shopping at the local antique show is a great way to find inspiration!

   What inspires me in June? Well, right this minute it is the soothing cool breeze and sunshine after several days of humidity and rain. June is that calm month after the storms of school and the May days of yard work, garden planting, and spring cleaning.

   Right now I have this one sweet moment to look at the fruits of our labors, the birds of the yard, and listen to the happy chatting of our girls in the background. Beside me is a long list of things that need to be attended to, but I will get there eventually, not just now.

So much green after the long grey winter!

"I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart..."
Psalm 9:1a

I call these my "Shades of June Sky" .
What inspires you in June?