About Rebekah

Antiques have been a part of Rebekah’s life from an early age. She grew up surrounded by people who especially appreciated the simple lines and bold colors of early American folk art. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in graphic design but was dissatisfied with the computerization of the work. It was Rebekah’s mother who challenged her to paint in the style of Rufus Porter. She gave her a cupboard to paint on, saying "try it and you can keep it." Rebekah has never stopped painting on old surfaces since. She has studied the Rufus Porter style and Pennsylvania German folk art, both of which continually inspire her work. She also enjoys working on interiors, painting murals and stenciling.

A photo of an early example of wool appliqué inspired her wool work. She repurposes wool and hand- dyes it, using a combination of natural and commercial dyes. Rebekah’s passion lies in color and design, both talents well-suited to folk art. She and her husband continually work to restore their 1838 house in the Western Reserve of Ohio, along with their three daughters.


  1. Do you have any kits available, I love the needlebooks and the little boxes.
    Your work is wonderful!

    Ronnie in Washington

  2. I just recently found your blog after seeing one of your designs on instagram. I immediately loved your work. I will be wanting to get your book. Do you sell it or have an itsy store. Maybe if I can find out the publisher, I can order from there. Do you or a shop do kits? Any info would be appreciated. Kay Hunzinger