Saturday, February 28, 2015

Commemoration in Wool Applique

                                          Once again it the season of Statehood in Ohio!
A simple project in cotton & wool.

     What can I say about Ohio that I have not already articulated in my last Annual Statehood Day Post? We spent a lot of time touring the state last year and met a lot of wonderful people. As always our travels take us to antique shows & shops, historic sites, museums, and fabric shops. Also, trying a few new restaurants and of course exploring the waterways and parks that we are so blessed to be able to enjoy.

     As we begin another season of living here in Ohio, I was inspired to create another wool applique piece which I want to share with you. I call this "Circa 1803". There are 17 Ohio star motifs as we are the 17th state in the union. 1803 was the year of our statehood and is partnered with the colors of our state banner. I am including the pattern pieces for this wooly free for your own enjoyment.

Happy Statehood Day, Ohio!

Full project finish size 11.5'' h x 27.5''w (without border)
Light Backgroun 11.5" h x 17.5'' w
Dark End Pieces 11.5" h x 5.5"w

Click here for pattern pieces.

     Maybe I will see you around Ohio this year as I will be traveling to promote the release of my first book. The projects were designed and the text was completely written in Ohio. So much of what I love about this state is in this book.



  1. Oh Rebekah..this is beautiful and you are so generous to share the pattern. I can not wait to make this AND I can not wait to see you in OHIO!!!

    Happy Statehood Day to you.

    hugs, doreen

  2. Thank you for the OH pattern, Rebekah. Love it. Can hardly wait to get my book! Hugs...

  3. ...This is truly beautiful and a wonderful tribute to your state! It's so nice to see someone commemorating their homeplace. :o)

    ...Peace & blessings.

  4. Rebekah,
    Thank you so much. This is wonderful!!!
    Can't wait for the March workshop at Deb's...and your book!
    Hugs :)

  5. Lovely! thank you for sharing. I wish you good luck on your tour and with your book. I have it on order with Amazon and can hardly wait. Ohio is a beautiful state, I love it here. I am from Michigan, but have lived here for so long now. I spent many wonderful years exploring Ohio with my family. We are huge history buffs and long time antique collectors.

  6. Wonderful pattern. I won't be visiting Ohio anytime soon (too far away) but I do have your book on pre-order and can't wait for it to arrive. Since I only "read" blogs, could you put that "thingy" on your blog to receive by email--thanks

    1. It's there just to the left and under the Early American Life Magazine cover. Thanks for asking!

  7. I was just looking for a fun wool piece to do for a new friend who lived most of her life in Ohio and has recently married and moved to NC and live in a wonderful charming log cabin. Thank you for this beautiful pattern!

  8. Beautiful pattern, thanks so much Rebekah. Looking forward to your book!!

  9. Thank you for the gorgeous design. It is so wonderful to see someone so passionate about where they live. I admire your work and I am anxiously awaiting your book.

  10. Gorgeous Rebekah! Your work is always stunning! I can't wait to get my hands on your book! Hope I get to see you this week.

  11. I have my copy on pre-order!!! Can't wait!

  12. I can not wait to receive mine, I am so happy you wrote a book